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I Believe - The Heart of Catholic Faith Workbook

I Believe - The Heart of Catholic Faith

A four-part faith formation series on the Creed - Workbook

by: Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Ph.D.


To benefit from the I Believe - The Heart of Catholic Faith, a series especially designed for the explaine the Creed
, you’ll need a set of the four talks on audio or video.  They can be listened to or watched in a group setting or on your own.


These brief talks are chock full of insights that need to be mulled over, contemplated, and personally appropriated.  This can be done in discussion with others, in personal prayer, and in further study.


This study guide is designed to facilitate this process for individuals, study groups, and religious education classes.


For each talk, this Study Guide provides the following:


  • A detailed outline of the talk, complete with Scripture and Catechism references and space for participant to take notes.  

  • Discussion questions that have been carefully developed to provoke lively and fruitful conversation and deeper personal meditation.

  • Prayer and Action Points—specific, practical suggestions to help you apply the truths presented in the talk to your everyday life.

  • Short Readings for further meditation that have been drawn from the Church’s rich tradition.

At the end of the Guide you will find:


  • A collection of selected readings and prayers from the Catholic Tradition to deepen Eucharistic understanding and devotion.

  • Suggestions for further reading on the Creed.


I Believe - CD - $19.95

I Believe - DVD - $49.95


To download a clip from I Believe: The Heart of the Catholic Church, CLICK HERE!



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