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God's 7 Gifts |The Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church | 6 CD set on liturgy and sacraments

God's Seven Gifts: The Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church - 6 CD Set

God's Seven Gifts: The 7 Sacraments of the Catholic Church - 6 CD Set

by: Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio,


Enrich your spiritual life by tapping more deeply into the power of the liturgy and the seven sacraments!

The Catholic Church has always emphasized just how important the seven sacraments are for our lives. Yet many Catholics take them for granted. With little understanding of the life-changing power of the 7 sacraments, many are simply going through the motions.

No one who listens to this dynamic audio series by Dr. Marcellino DíAmbrosio will ever take Godís Seven Gifts for granted again!

In twelve fast-moving 30 minute presentations, Dr. D'Ambrosio provides a complete overview of the entire liturgical life of the Catholic Church.  After explaining the special power of liturgical prayer and rerviewing the liturgical year, the blessings called "sacramentals," and the liturgy of the hours, Dr. D'Ambrosio focuses in precisely what a "sacrament" is, where the notion comes from in Scripture and Tradition, and why the Church has come to enumerate seven sacraments in distinction from the many other ceremonies and rituals making up its liturgical life. 


Viewing the sacraments as "God's Body-Language,"  seven unique and different embraces of divine love, Dr. D'Ambrosio outlines true meaning the rich history, powerful symbolism, and the beautiful rituals associated with each of the 7 sacraments: baptism, confirmation, eucharist, penance, anointing of the sick, matrimony, and holy orders.  Controversial issues associated with each sacrament are also tackled in this series, such as infant baptsim, the proper age for confirmation, Vatican II's goal in changing the Mass, divorce and annulment, and whether married men and even women can or should be ordained to the priesthood.


Whether you are a novice to the study of the sacraments or an advanced student, you will find this series understandable, rich, stimulating, and profoundly inspiring.  Outlines for each of the talks is available from this website complete with scripture quotes, catechism citations, and suggestions for further study.


This series is truly a goldmine!  Perfect for adult faith formation, catechist education, and continuing education for DRE's, deacons, and priests.


God's Seven Gifts Audio Tape version - CLICK HERE!


For Dr. D'Ambrosio's talk on Confirmation, CLICK HERE!


For free, online resources on the Seven Sacraments, visit the Crossroads Initiative Library - Liturgy and Sacraments section.


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