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Liturgy & Prayer

These are links to sites that will help you enter into the riches of the Church's liturgical life as well as provide resources to deepen your personal prayer.
Readings from Today's Liturgy Readings from Today's Liturgy
The mass readings for today are brought to you from the National Council of Catholic Bishops.
Magnificat Magnificat
This monthly publication is the easiest way I know of to begin to find one's way more deeply into the liturgical year, the readings for Mass, and the virtually untapped treasure of the liturgy of the hours.  I've bought gift subscriptions for both my mom and my wife!
Catholic Liturgy of the hours book, Crossroads Initiative Liturgy of the Hours Download
Confused trying to navigate the liturgy of the hours book?  Relax.  This website and the next one listed makes the liturgy of the hours easy to do by giving you everything you need for todays office, with no flipping of pages and moving of ribbons.  This site offers daily PDF printouts (Adobe Acrobat format) of the Liturgy of the Hours Morning, Evening and Night Prayer plus Night Prayer in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. These prayers are sometimes called the Divine Office, Breviary, Lauds, Vespers and Compline.   All is according to the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church.
Book of Liturgy of the Hours Crossroads Initiative Universalis--Liturgy of the Hours
This site has an both an html version of the liturgy of the hours and a version that you can download to your handheld!  Each day's Morning, Evening, and Night prayer is made available along with Mass readings, Liturgical Calendar and the Office of Readings, including those great non-biblical readings from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church!  The site follows the calendar and liturgy of the Roman Rite.
The Virtual Rosary The Virtual Rosary

We found this wonderful way to pray the Rosary on your own computer or Palm. Easy to download - It will even remind you to pray everyday!

In short, the Rosary is an ancient, beautiful, and powerful prayer of devotion to God through devotion to Mary by means of a series of prayers and meditations on the life of Jesus and Mary. In it we find all that life offers: pains and joys, but also always the hope that only a loving, protecting, saving Father can truly give. The Rosary is a prayer of hope.

Presentation Ministries Presentation Ministries
Presentation Ministries has two components, ministries and home-based communities, which exist to disciple Catholics more deeply for Christ, through teaching the word of God and equipping all for Christian ministry using the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Teachings on the daily eucharistic readings, and encouragement to receive Jesus in daily Holy Communion are emphasized to such an extent that one could cite a secondary influence in the Church as a "daily Mass movement."
Divine Office

It provides the various hours of the days, full text and references to both the four volume and Christian Prayer versions, audio prayed/sung, hymns, free podcast download in iTunes, and ways for multiple types of devices at cost.  Laity and religious alike find it very convenient and easy to use. "It has over 2.8 million visits, over 525,000 people joined in prayer during 2012, with a year-over-year 60% growth."

Circle of Prayer Circle of Prayer
There are so many wonderful websites available telling us about prayer, offering us a variety of different prayers and prayer forms and sites from all religions and denominations, church groups and church organisations under the sun. The purpose of this website is simply a call for people to pray together. But with a bit of a difference! It's asking people of any religion or none all over the world to decide to set aside a few brief minutes a day to join together in prayer.
Ecumenical Rosary Ecumenical Rosary

The Ecumenical Miracle Rosary was first posted on the internet in February of 1999, and it was inspired by the original Most Holy Rosary.  The rosary is a set of prayers and meditations, which covers key moments in the New Testament.

Purgatory: Lest We Forget Purgatory: Lest We Forget is dedicated to the greater glory of God through the relief and release of the Holy Souls from Purgatory. We invite you to enter your Beloveds so that others might pray for their repose.

Apostleship of Prayer Apostleship of Prayer
Truly the Apostleship of Prayer is the Pope’s own “prayer group.” It is, as Pope John Paul II wrote in 1985, “a precious treasure from the Pope’s heart and the Heart of Christ.”
The Journey - Daily Meditations The Journey - Daily Meditations
We’re a group of unpaid volunteers comprised of clergy and secular people who contribute freely from the heart, to further the kingdom of God by sharing some thoughts on scripture, hopefully enflamed by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We neither seek nor reject financial funding, depending entirely upon God’s Providence for our internet presence. To those of you who have contributed in prayer or in any other way, we sincerely thank you!

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