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Pro-Life, Chastity and Natural Family Planning

Chastity and Real love, Mary Beth Bonacci Real Love -- Mary Beth Bonacci
Mary Beth, through her ministry, Real Love, shares a dynamic, positive, practical view of the life issues that confront young people every day.
Orthodox Natural Family Planning NFP Association Orthodox NFP Association
It is not only the Roman Catholic tradition that recognizes the danger of the contraceptive mentality embraced by today's society.  There is a growing number of Eastern Orthodox Christians who promote natural family planning.
lovematters - Dating, Sex, Love and You lovematters - Dating, Sex, Love and You

Magazine devoted to Chasity and Pro-Life! Celebrity interviews with Miss America, Patricia Heaton, Mel Gibson and many more.

Christopher West theology of the Body Pope John Paul II Christopher West

Christopher West teaches the theology of the body at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver and at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in Melbourne, Australia. His books, tapes, and lectures have sparked an international groundswell of interest in John Paul IIís theology of the body.

Abstinence clearinghouse chastity Abstinence Clearinghouse
The Clearinghouse is a non-profit educational organization that promotes the appreciation for and practice of sexual abstinence through distribution of age-appropriate, factual and medically-accurate materials.
couple to couple league natural family planning nfp fertility awareness Couple to Couple League
For many years the Couple to Couple League has been in the forefront of promoting fertility awareness and natural family planning (NFP).  Their site is full of educational resources to help couples understand and effectively work with a woman's fertility either to achieve or avoid pregnancy.  The Sympto-Thermal Method taught by CCL utilizes all the fertility signs achieving a 99% effectiveness level for a well-instructed and well-motivated couple.
Porn No More Porn No More

We are here to help anyone in need who recognizes the pain, agony, disconnection and inability to achieve normal socialization within their lives because of pornography - people who realize that their problems are rooted in inordinate desires of the flesh.

Pro-life Physicians American College of Pediatricians American College of Pediatricians

The American College of Pediatricians respect the dignity of the human person from the moment of conception to natural death, uphold the traditional family as the nurturing environment best for the total health and well-being of the child, and promote the value of sexual abstinence until marriage.

Pro-Life Ostetricians and Gynecologists American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Hats off to these Obstetricians and Gynecologists who have the courage to stand up for life!  You can do a search from this site to find a pro-life OB-Gyn in various regions of the US.

Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas

The Mission of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee is "to organize, educate, and mobilize all Catholics in the Dallas Diocese and North Texas on Pro-Life issues, to effect their action and to witness to God's intention: the sanctity of life."

Chasity - Pure Love Club Chasity - Pure Love Club
Romance without regret does exist. But if you want the real thing, be prepared to sacrifice. Only then will you see that the peace and joy that comes from chastity is worth more than all the pleasures of the world.
Prolife Across America Prolife Across America

Since 1989 PROLIFE Across AMERICA's Media Mission is to reach out through
Billboard, TV, radio and newspaper ads to people who may not be reached in
any other way. Our ads create an "Atmosphere of Life" in a "culture of death."

Heartbeat International Heartbeat International
Heartbeat International is the first network of pro-life pregnancy centers founded in the United States and is the largest group of centers in the world.

We are a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian association of faith-based pregnancy resource centers, medical clinics, maternity homes, and nonprofit adoption agencies endorsed by Christian leaders nationwide.

Pro-Life Blogs Pro-Life Blogs disseminates unique news and commentary on life oriented issues and events that are ignored or under reported by traditional news sources. A diverse team of editors and contributors, each with news, reporting, commentary, or editorial experience, work to provide compelling content that will inform our readers, lead to a greater understanding, promote constructive dialog and facilitate change within our culture and society.
Sexual Wisdom Sexual Wisdom
The sexual revolution promised to give people greater freedom and joy in their sex lives; but has resulted in record levels of sexually transmitted diseases, the legitimization and spread of pornography, greater hostility between the sexes, and critically high divorce and illegitimacy rates. Sexual Wisdom offers a way to redirect this revolution and to bring relief to a sexually challenged culture.

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