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St. Clare of Assisi (St. Claire)

Saint Claire of Assisi

Saint Clare of Assisi (St. Claire): Biography and Selected On-line Writings


Saint Clare, follower of the Poverello, St. Francis of Assisi,  was born to a noble family of the town of Assisi, in Umbria, Italy in the year 1193.  When her neighbor Francis gave away all his possessions to follow Jesus in poverty and prayer, Clare felt herself drawn to follow his example.  Under his direction, she founded an order of contemplative nuns vowed to poverty, chastity, and obedience who are often known today as the "Poor Clares."  Mother Angelica, founder of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) is a member of one of the offshoots of this Franciscan Order for women founded by St. Clare.  During her lifetime, Clare was renowned for her deep holiness and great wisdom.  Her advice was sought after even by the Pope.  She died in 1253.   St. Clare's feast day in on August 11.  She, who died over 700 years before the invention of the electric light, is recognized as the patron Saint of television.


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Personal Prayer - Pathway to Joy - CD

Everyone knows that personal prayer is important, in fact, Saint Claire's order of Nuns is devoted to it. You can't expect to deepen a relationship with God talking with Him only once a week! But how, in the midst of the busy, noisy life we all lead, can we develop a pattern of daily prayer that really works? And if we are successful in carving out some moments for prayer, what do we do? How should we spend that time in way that would be most fruitful? 



How Mary and the Rosary Can Change Your Life -CD Set
 Blessed Virgin Mary, Rosary, Catholic Church,Devotion to Mary, Mother of God, Praying the Rosary Two talk set by Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio that explains the Virgin Mary as the model of faith, the true meaning of the Rosary and how both can change your life! Wonderful for anyone who has questions about the Catholic belief with regards to Mary and the Rosary!


Title Category Excerpt Download
First Letter of Clare to Agnes Prayer and Spirituality No Download
His Indescribable Delights -- St. Clare of Assisi Prayer and Spirituality,
Catholic Saints
Yes Download
Letter of Clare to Ermentrude Prayer and Spirituality No

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