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Pope Paul VI

Pope Paul VI, Vatican II, COntraceptionPope Paul VI: Biography and Documents


Gianbattista Montini was elected Pope in 1963 upon the death of John XXIII.  The new Pope took the name of Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, because of Paul's role to the proclamation of the Gospel to the four corners of the earth.  It fell to Pope Paul VI to complete the work of the Second Vatican Council and to see that Vatican II's teaching was implemented in the life of the Church.  Though less jovial and humorous than his predecessor, Pope Paul VI was an inspiration in his relentless energy in serving the Lord.  It was he who began the international Papal travel that was taken up so effectively by Pope John Paul II.  Pope Paul VI died in 1978 and was succeeded by Pope John Paul I.



Pope Leo XIII, Vatican IIVatican II: The Real Story

By: Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio


Some in the Catholic Church love Vatican II because they think it finally brought the Catholic Church out of the dark ages.  Some suspect the Second Vatican Council because they fear it sold out faithfulness to the truth in favor of current opinion. Who called for the beginning of Vatican II, what happened when he suddenly died? This 2 CD set will answer this and so much more!


Entertaining.  Fascinating.  Energizing.  When you’re done with these tapes, you’ll have a clearer picture of where the Catholic Church has come from and where it is going in the first years of the new millennium.


2 CD Set

Title Category Excerpt Download
Apostolica Sollicitudo-Paul VI on Synod of Bishops Papal Encyclicals (etc),
Church (ecclesiology)
Closing Speech of Vatican II-Paul VI Second Vatican Council No
Credo of the People of God-Pope Paul VI Papal Encyclicals (etc) No
Ecclesiam Suam-Pope Paul VI on the Church Papal Encyclicals (etc),
Church (ecclesiology)
Humanae Vitae--Pope Paul VI on Contraception Papal Encyclicals (etc),
Theology of the Body
Jesus Christ is our Message -- Pope Paul VI Papal Encyclicals (etc),
Yes Download
Lessons of Nazareth--Paul VI Advent & Christmas Season Resources & Readings,
Christian Lifestyle
Martyrs of Uganda-Paul VI Catholic Saints Yes
Mysterium Fidei--Paul VI on the Eucharist Papal Encyclicals (etc),
Liturgy and 7 Sacraments,
Populorum Progressio - Pope Paul VI Papal Encyclicals (etc) No Download
St Benedict of Nursia, Co-Patron of Europe-Pope Paul VI Catholic Saints Yes

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