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Financing Spread of Islam

Arab Nations Financing Spread of Islam in Sudan

Spreading of the Nation of Islam - Sudan - MuslimSays Bishop Gassis of El Obeid

KHARTOUM, Sudan, JAN. 12, 2006 (
)- Arab countries have set aside $30 million for the Islamization of the Nuba Mountains region in Sudan, says Bishop Macram Max Gassis of El Obeid.

"Now, one year after the January 2005 peace agreement, Muslim fundamentalists are concentrating their efforts in the area of social services, especially schools and hospitals," the prelate said during a recent visit to the Germany-based charity Aid to the Church in Need.
"Therefore, I am very grateful for the support from sisters, such as [the] Comboni, Precious Blood and Missionaries of Charity, who are serving in my diocese," he added.

Stressing the need for "many more priests," Bishop Gassis added: "At the moment, I only have eight priests. So, priority must be given to the training of the laity in order to withstand the advances of the Islamists and a rapidly changing society."

The 67-year-old prelate pointed to another major challenge.

"For years, the Nuba Mountains were cut off from the outside world but now Sudanese are returning, who have lived as refugees in Kenya," he said. "And already there is a notable increase in the number of people who are HIV-positive. I am just starting a training program for nurses, with a particular emphasis on ethics and AIDS awareness."

Bishop Gassis had been exiled from his diocese for a decade, but is now free to return as a result of the peace agreement.

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Inside Islam, Daniel AliWith the terrorist attacks of September 11, the ongoing war with Iraq, the crisis plaguing the Holy Land and the recent terror warnings on the news - Islam is in the news now more than ever. Yet most Catholics know little about this formidable faith. Now there’s a book on Islam written specifically for Catholics.

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Islam and Christianity by Daniel Ali and Father Mitch Pacwa -  

Daniel AliIn Islam and Christianity, a five-part video series, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. and Daniel Ali give a comprehensive introduction to Islam, presenting the fundamentals of the faith from a Muslim perspective. They explain Islamic beliefs as well as the Koran and Mohammed's Tradition, to help Christians dialogue with their Muslim friends in a respectful, though informed manner. They also cover the do's and don'ts for Christians when speaking with Muslims about their Faith.

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