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Dr. D'Ambrosio - Holy Land Pilgrimage






Sacrifice of the Lamb -

Sacrifice of the Lamb

During these days of Holy Week, as we consider what our Savior did for us, let’s enrich our prayer and meditation with some contemporary morsels and some gems from the ancient tradition.  For Good Friday, read the Cross of Christ as the Cosmic Tree. 

On Holy Saturday, find out what the Apostles Creed means when it says “He descended into hell.”

Triumph of the Lion!

Triumph of the Lion

On the first Easter Sunday, the serpent whose bite ruined paradise was finally vanquished.  Read a tribute to the Lords’ resurrection that will really bring home the joy of the season to you and your family.  In fact, you can download and print it out to share with friends and family as part of an Easter card or letter.  We would also urge you to explore the insights that the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe can give us into the mystery of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Finally how about meditating a bit on the fabulous ode to the Risen Christ called the “Exultet" which dates back to the earliest days of the Church?  In fact, we have an entire Easter Library that you simply shouldn't miss.  It’s our Easter present to you all (better than jelly beans and chocolate eggs for sure.)

Don't Let Holy Week Pass You By!

Holy Land 2014

Check out the incredible Holy Week resources we've put together for you, many available for easy free downloading and printing to share with friends & family over Easter.  Why not print out your favorite and send it with your Easter cards?!

Check these out-- The Seven Last Words of Christ, Thanksgiving Prayer for Holy Week, and Triduum, Suggestions for Personal Prayer are all waiting for you!  Check out our Lent and Holy Week Library for even more food for thought and prayer.

A Journey to the Place it all Happened!

Holy LandImagine this year singing Christmas carols in Bethlehem and beginning the new year by making the way of the cross through the streets of Jerusalem!


Crossroads is delighted to announce our December 27, 2013-January 6, 2014 pilgrimage to the Holy Land! Commentary on all the sites by Catholic historian-theologian Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio makes this tour a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Our own tour chaplain will lead us in Mass each day in a different holy place such as the Mount of Beatitudes, the shrine of the Annunciation in Nazareth, and of course, in the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem.  Not to mention wonderful food and first class accommodations Holy Land 2014with a few days right on the Sea of Galilee.


If you want to be assured a place on this limited seating tour, only a $300 deposit is required.  Participants will be expected on a first come, first served basis until all spaces are filled.

Come see a personal invitation from Dr. D'Ambrosio and step out in faith today!


This tour will sell out quickly! We’d love you to join us, but you need to act fast!

Call 800-803-0118 today for more information or to reserve your seat!

Looking Toward the Easter Season - 

We are anticipating the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord this week – these wonderful resources will carry us into the Easter Season and beyond! The Friendly Defender Flash Cards are awesome for kids! Then there is Exploring the Catholic Church for RCIA grads, and I Believe, an audio or video series to make the Easter Season at least as spiritual powerful as Lent.

These resources are amazing for this season -

There’s something for you whether you are a reader, a listener, or a video watcher.


 Brother Francis - The Bread of Life DVD

Brother Francis - The Bread of Life DVD
Join Brother Francis in the delightfully inspirational and instructive presentation that teaches children all about the sacrament of the Eucharist!

This episode contains:
•"The Last Supper": animated presentation of Jesus instituting this blessed sacrament
•"The Story of Blessed Imelda Lambertini": the Patroness of First Communicants
•"I am the Bread of Life" and "What More Can He Give": two visualized songs


Unbridled Grace
Dr. Norman’s inspiring message of redemptive suffering and the power of God’s victory, challenges audiences to trust God and courageously choose His will, even when it is difficult. He shares his true story as a testimony to what God can do in all of our lives despite anything we are facing.
Dr. Norman’s book, Unbridled Grace, has made a dramatic entrance into the Christian book market since its release in 2011. A recent reviewer proclaimed Unbridled Grace to be “without a doubt one of the most powerful stories of faith and redemption they have ever read.”

 Unbridled Grace


 When Life Doesn't Go Your Way

When Life Doesn't Go Your Way
Most women have a mental "script" or plan for their lives. And, of course, that script has a happy ending. However, that's not always what happens. When we are faced with a change in the script-whether that be a loss of a loved one, a dream, our health, or some other tragic event-how do we respond in faith? Through personal stories, anecdotes, witnesses, and Scripture, Zeno invites women to recognize God's goodness, presence, and action in their lives.


I Believe - The Heart of the Catholic Faith - DVD Set

First given as a Lenten retreat, this is an awesome 4 session program to revitalize your faith and prepare you for the joy of Easter.  Great for individuals or families or small groups. The workbook is a treasure of discussion questions, devotions and spiritual exercises that can serve as an easy-to-follow roadmap through the Lenten season that will break you out of stale patterns and enrich both your prayer and your understanding of the central truths of the Catholic faith, empowering you to share that faith with others.

 I Believe The Heart of the Catholic Faith formation series on Creed basic beliefs of Roman Catholicism


 Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Vatican II, Second Vatican Coucil, Catholic Church, Pope John XXIII

Vatican II: The Real Story 2 CD Set
Dr. Marcellino cuts through the confusion and explains what the Second Vatican Council actually taught.
Some in the Catholic Church love Vatican II because they think it finally brought the Catholic Church out of the dark ages. Some suspect the Second Vatican Council because they fear it sold out faithfulness to the truth in favor of current opinion.
But what was the Second Vatican Council really after? What did the 16 documents of the Council really teach?
Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, a specialist in one of the principal theological currents of the council, is especially qualified to cut through the confusion and give us the straight scoop.
Entertaining. Fascinating. Energizing. When you’re done with these CDs, you’ll have a clearer picture not only of Vatican II but of where the Catholic Church has come from and where it is going in the first years of the new millennium.


Keeping Your Kids Catholic - Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio - CD Set
How in this day and age do we raise our children in the Catholic Church? This 2 talk set will shed light and offer suggestions based in faith and reality from Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio, father of five and Catholic Theologian.

 Keeping Your Kids Catholic, Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Catholic Church, Vatican II


 Feast of Faith, Eucharist, Communion, Sacrament, Catholic Church

Feast of Faith - 2 DVD set
In this enlightening, four-part adult faith formation series developed for the Eucharist, Dr. D’Ambrosio offers profound reflections on the nature of the Holy Eucharist – the “source and summit” of the Catholic faith.

We are looking for Volunteers to help with graphic editing and design, video and audio editing and posting on YouTube and iTunes to help share Dr. D'Ambrosio's talks and promote his teaching of the Gospel through Crossroads Initiative. Please forward to anyone that God has gifted with these talents who might be interested in helping out. They can email: or call 1-800-803-0118.

Time and Talent -

Pass it on! --

Pass it on!

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Dr. Marcellino D'AmbrosioDr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio is well known in Catholic media for his regular appearances on the Eternal Word Television Network and Catholic radio. But he is also a New York Times best-selling author who has appeared on Fox News' Geraldo Rivera At Large and Bill O'Reilly's syndicated radio show. Few Catholic speakers have the ability to speak on such a wide ranch of topics and hold the attention of such diverse kinds of audiences - from teens to religious educators to businessmen.

Call 1-800-803-0118 today to get your date on the calendar.

Need a wonderful speaker for your teens or young adults? We not only have dates available for Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio but also Naomi Lehew, Anthony and Marcellino D'Ambrosio (the Twins). Come visit The Crossroads Initiative Speakers page and find out more about these exciting speakers.

About Crossroads

D'Ambrosio TwinsWe have assembled on this website Catholic resources to help all Christians unpack the precious gift of the Eucharist. Our resources are delivered via audio, video, written, and electronic formats as well as through live seminars. They are appropriate for individual and group study, adult faith formation, RCIA, home schooling and teen religious education covering as they do the Eucharist, the theology of the body to Catholic Bible Study, the sacrament of confirmation and the Early Church Fathers. There are many wonderful Catholic websites out there. We believe that this site is distinctive both because of a unique collection of resources in our on-line Catholic store, and because the entire site is so user-friendly, with easy navigation, a fast search function, and many PDF files ready to download, print and use as religious education handouts. So browse, enjoy and sign up for our weekly e-mail that links to a punchy, real-life commentary on the Sunday readings plus links to the newest Catholic resources on our site. Visit often! This website is changing daily!

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Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio

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