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Adult Faith Formation - RCIA ProgramCatholic Resources for Adult Faith Formation and RCIA Programs


Catholic RCIA and adult faith formation must be top priority in religious education today.  We'd never think we could be successful in our careers with a grade-school education.  But many of us are trying to live an adult Christian life with not much more than our childhood catechism lessons to draw on.  Often, those of us who are parents or catechists feel quite unprepared.


The Adult Faith Formation and RCIA resources that follow by Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Christopher West, Jeff Cavins, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, and others, have been used with great success by adult faith formation and RCIA classes, bible study groups, ACTS and Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) groups, and other faith-sharing groups as well as by motivated individuals.  They are substantial enough to be used for catechist and RCIA sponsor training yet sufficiently engaging and easy to understand to use in class as well.  Videos are great to listen to in a group and then discuss, with all participants using an accompanying study guide.  Audio products are awesome for those of us on the go who can learn while we drive or fold clothes.  The books here are easy reads that can be digested in small bits for those of us who don't have hours at a time to read.


If you have further questions on what resources are best suited for your needs, call us at 1.800.803.0118 for help.  If we can't answer at the moment you call, you'll hear back from us by the next business day.


The adult faith formation and RCIA resources below are complemented with our RCIA online resource library that contain many great articles that can be downloaded as pdf documents at no charge, printed, and copied to be given as RCIA handouts.  All our catechetical resources--audio, video, printed, or on-line--cover the same range of topics covered by the Catechism of the Catholic Church, from the Creed, to liturgy and sacraments, to prayer, to the Ten Commandments and the Moral life.

Then and Now Bible Maps & Atlas book of Bible Lands in Bible Times

Then and Now Bible Maps Book--User-friendly Bible Atlas of Bible Times and Bible Lands

Take an exciting journey back in time through the various places and events of the Bible throught is extraordinary Bible Atlas! Here you will encounter colorful, user-friendly maps which show the political and religious development of the Holy Land, with helpful explanations of what was happening and why. Recently revised to reflect The Great Adventure Bible Timeline system, this book will be a powerful tool in discovering the riches of Bible history.

Retail Price - $21.95   
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