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No Casper Here -

Casper the Friendly Ghost

In this Sunday’s gospel, Jesus makes it abundantly clear that He is not at all a ghost.

To find out why this clearly shows the “Gospel” of Judas to be bogus, visit us this week at the Crossroads Initiative website!

This article is also available in Spanish!

You Can Make a Difference!

YOU are the Key!

We just announced a Spring goal to identify 100 people who will be willing to pledge $1/day for the gospel ($30) per month plus a goal to raise another $20,000 in special contributions so our work can continue and dramatically expand.  If you’ve been blessed through the resources we offer free on the web, radio or TV, please say thanks with a gift that will be a blessing to the many others that need these resources!  You can make a monthly pledge or a one-time, special gift online right here via credit or debit card or PayPal.  You can contribute by phone at 800-803-0118, or by mailing a check to Crossroads, PO BOX 271227, Flower Mound, TX 75027.

Spring Cleaning and

Getting Ready for Mother's Day!

Spring Cleaning SaleOur flowers are starting to peek through hard winter soil, but without the right nutrients they are destined to wither and die. It is spring time in our hearts, we have just celebrated Easter (and are still celebrating the Easter Season) and NOW is the time for you to fertilize your SPIRIT and buy Confirmation, Graduation and First Communion Gifts!

It's Spring Cleaning time at The Crossroads Initiative and we have some very rich resources at clearance prices! Be sure to stop by the Clean Sweep Page!

We are marking down some of our overstocked merchandise, be sure to check out the great deals that we have today! Quantities are limited - so order TODAY! There is even MORE on our S*A*L*E Page!


From St. Hildegard's Kitchen
The 12th-century Benedictine Abbess Hildegard of Bingen was blessed with an astonishing array of talents. She was, among other things, a mystic, naturalist, visionary, and composer. Hildegard was also granted, by means of heavenly visions, in-depth knowledge about human nutrition. She believed "foods of joy" revitalized us and helped preserve good health in every sphere--physical, spiritual, and psychological.

With a focus on good health and vegetables and herbs from the garden, From Saint Hildegard's Kitchen makes a wonderful gift for the cooks in your life--including you!

Now, famed French chef Jany Fournier-Rosset has mined from Hildegard's writings a collection of tasty recipes--you'll find everything from simple jams to chestnut soufflé, from spiced wine to Tunisian ratatouille.

Readers will also find a brief biography of Hildegard and table graces from Saint Benedict and others

Everyday - $16.99
S*a*l*e - $14.95

 From St. Hildegard's Kitchen


 Love that Lasts: A Vision for Christian Marriage - 3 CD

Love that Lasts: A Vision for Christian Marriage - 3 CD
“Love that Lasts: A Vision for Christian Marriage” is the fruit of years of both study and experience. Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio is an internationally known Catholic speaker, author, and media personality. But he is also a husband and father of five children who illustrates his teaching with an abundance of practical tips and humorous examples from his own family life. This trilogy of talks, originally given as a marriage retreat at the world famous Cooper Clinic in Dallas, is a perfect gift for engaged couples and newlyweds seeking to lay a solid foundation for the marriage and family. But it is also a superb tool to help refresh and renew married couples who have been together for many years.

Everyday - $19.95
S*a*l*e - $16.95


Keep Your Kids Catholic - Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio - DVD
How in this day and age do we raise our children in the Catholic Church? During this day and time - this 2 talk DVD set will shed light and offer suggestions based in faith and reality from Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio, father of five and Catholic Theologian.

Everyday - $30.00
S*a*l*e - $26.95

 Parenting, Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Catholic Church, Catholic Faith


 The Handbook for Catholic Moms

The Handbook for Catholic Moms
Drawing from the deep tradition of the Catholic faith, Lisa Hendey coaches Catholic moms in how to care for themselves—heart, mind, body, and soul—so that they can better love and care for their families, their neighbors, and their Church.
With warmth and wisdom, Hendey creates an environment where Catholic moms can reflect peacefully upon often-competitive topics like parenting style, types of schooling, and working outside the home. By sharing her own story, Hendey inspires readers to better balance their own needs with the demands of family life and faith commitment. 

Everyday - $15.95
S*a*l*e - $14.35


Beyond the Birds and the Bees
"The Talk." It's one of the most daunting prospects parents face. Communicating the richness of Catholic teaching on sexuality in a faithful and effective way can be an overwhelming responsibility. But does it have to be so?

In this thoroughly revised version of Beyond the Birds and the Bees, Greg and Lisa Popcak empower you with the tools needed to move well beyond "the Talk" by offering a comprehensive guide to raising sexually whole and holy children. Using the riches of Blessed John Paul II's Theology of the Body, the Popcaks help you safely navigate your children from infancy through the teenage years and beyond.

Everyday - $14.99
S*a*l*e - $13.49

 Beyond the Birds and the Bees


 First Corinthians: The Church and the Christian Community, 10-Part Study (4 DVDs)

First Corinthians: The Church and the Christian Community, 10-Part Study (4 DVDs)
The conflicts of the early Christians in Corinth were in many ways similar to our struggles today as Christians. With divisions, immorality, persecution, and other trials of the faithful, the message of St. Paul to the Corinthians is a much-needed message for our own times. First Corinthians: The Church and the Christian Community explores the key elements that the apostle Paul introduced to a new and growing Church. St. Paul taught the Corinthians about the nature of grace and the Church as the Body of Christ. In addition, he introduced the Corinthian Christians to the most powerful gift of all, the Eucharist.
In this DVD series Dr. Tim Gray provides comprehensive teaching and commentary on Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians. Each 30 minute talk is designed to follow a lesson in the First Corinthians Study Set. 

Everyday - $99.95
S*a*l*e - $89.95

Holy Land Pilgrimage -

Holy Land Pilgrimage

When you are standing in the places where it all happened, there come insights and graces that you simply can’t get any other way.  Join us December 27, 2013-January 6, 2014 for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio as your expert tour guide!  This incredible journey will sell out fast and will be an amazing combination of fun, prayer, learning and fellowship.  We’d love you to join us, but you need to act fast.  In fact seats will fill up FAST!

You can fly with us or you can even arrange your own air transport and just meet us in Tel Aviv!   

If you want to be assured a place on this limited seating tour, a $300 deposit is required.  Participants will be expected on a first come, first served basis until all spaces are filled.

Call 800-803-0118 today for more information or to reserve your seat!

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